Construction Management

Project Management

Equilateral Effect of Cost, Time, and Quality!

The success of any project is measured by the ability to implement management techniques, so that the desirable objective is reached by maintaining the balance between three fundamental factors: Cost, Time, and Quality. The role of our Project Management team is to preserve this equilateral relation over the cycle of your project. We prepare, launch, and monitor the proper and smooth run of your project up to its handing over in accordance with the international standards and practices. 
We will handle your project’s feasibility study, risk analysis, return on investment, contract administration, costing, budgeting, planning & scheduling, construction and site management, etc..
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Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting

Konstruction Konsultorio employs the best Cost and Time valuations for scheduling and planning your project ahead of time and developing efficient baseline standards of productivity and success. We associate risks, resources, costs, and communications into an operational workflow ensuring a better understanding and monitoring of the project. 

Contract Administration

Management of all kinds of contractual commitments between Employer, Contractor, and any other entity involved in the project. 
We draft, manage, negotiate, support and execute the contract progression along with all related dues in order to ensure a healthy and legitimate relation between all parties. 
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