Civil Engineering

It is Time to Build

Our Civil and Environmental Engineers implement the highest international standards to make your environs safer. We opt for the most advanced and cost-effective structural practices extending from design and modeling till execution, while serving best the environment. Throughout the years, we have developed solid and diversified experience in civil engineering and played major roles in different kinds of intricate projects of high-rise buildings, hangars, infrastructure, roads, irrigation projects, power plants, and water & sewerage systems. 
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Concrete and Post Tension Structures

The core objective we seek in our structural analysis and design is not only to produce a stable structure capable of serving its purpose, but to promote a cost effective one grounded on solid Value Engineering practices without sacrificing functionality. 
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Steel and Composite Structures

   Structural Assessment of Existing Structures

   Rehabilitation of Existing Steel Structures

•   Design and 3D Modeling

•   Shop Drawings and Connection Details  

   Fabrication Drawings and General Assembly Drawings 

   Technical Reports

   Verification of Steel Elements Using American and European Standards

Façade Structures

Our specialized Engineers offer smart, efficient, practical and sustainable structural designs for all kinds of façade structures. While turning Architectural perspectives into reality, we always aim to ensure a sustainable integrity between Architectural, Structural and Environmental functions which improves the building performance, the occupant’s comfort and the ecosystem quality at a time.
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Retrofitting and Rehabilitation

Konstruction Konsultorio offers ultimate retrofitting designs and structural strengthening solutions for any type of construction. We work on upgrading the supporting system of your existing structure, enhancing its performance, and restoring its functionality.  

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